Montessori Class

The Montessori Method is founded on Maria Montessori’s educational philosophy. Her basic principle was to “follow the child”, based on self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play.

Our Montessori classroom is carefully prepared to allow your child to work independently and to give him/her the opportunity for self-discovery.

Our Teachers introduce materials and age-appropriate activities to support and guide your child with her/his learning. Children are free to choose activities and come back to them as long as they need them, working and discovering, and ultimately mastering ideas.

Lessons are given, but the goal is for your child to discover the answers by using the “auto-didactic”, or “self-correcting” materials that are found only in Montessori classrooms.

Your child works in groups and individually to discover and explore knowledge of the world and to develop their maximum potential.

Every material used supports an aspect of your child’s development, creating a match between your child’s natural interests and the available activities. By doing this, your child can learn through his/her own experience and at his/her own pace.

Montessori classrooms usually accept children from between the ages of 2 years to 3 years old, and can go as old as 18 years old, although it is most usual in the early years.

Les Petites Etoiles’ Montessori class – The Lions – will accept children from the age of 2 years and 9 months old.
However, as a Montessori nursery, we believe that many aspects of the ethos and approach can be successfully introduced into classes with younger children. We will start to prepare the children in the younger classes so they are ready for the Montessori class as they get older.