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The syllabus will simultaneously prepare children for entry into either the “Moyenne Section” or “Grande Section” of the French educational system or Reception class of the English Educational system.

Our programme will follow both the Early Years foundation Stage (EYFS) in English and the French curriculum in French . Half the lessons will be taught by a team of qualified French speaking staff including a “Professeur des Ecoles”, whilst the remaining lessons will be taught by a qualified English speaking educational staff. We aim to have a balanced intake, with at least half the children coming from French speaking or bilingual families. We will also welcome children from non-French speaking families.

From September 2020, we will unify the teams of the English and French classes of the Penguins and Lions & Giraffes.

When LPE first opened, the children stayed in the same room each day, and the team changed rooms. However, this left the teachers unable to prepare the room exactly as they wanted, so we changed to the current system in April 2012 where the children change rooms every other day.

However, we have some exciting plans with our curriculum and teaching that requires us to make another change in the organisation of the rooms.

We have been seeing some great results in the way we encourage the children to become more independent. We were really inspired by the approach of Celine Alvarez and we continue to take on best-practice in as many different ways as possible.

We would like to continue to work on these and other skills, and to continue to improve this approach, we would like to have more consistency between the English and French teams.

We have been working hard to develop a unified pedagogy that covers all the required curriculums – namely the French Program by the Education Nationale as well as the EYFS. The work we have been implementing was built on both these foundations and our unified approach has been giving us impressive results.

From September 2020, we will unify the teams of the English and French classes of the Penguins and Lions & Giraffes. We will be welcoming Bunnies from 10 months.

What will the classes look like?

The Penguins and Lions & Giraffes will each look more like the Bunnies, where we have English and French educators in the classroom at the same time.

The children (and staff) will no longer need to change rooms – this will make everyone feel more stable and enable us to deliver a more unified programme: with the best of each of the different curriculum and approaches we implement.