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Age groups per classroom

La crèche”

1 year olds start in the crèche. The children will usually stay in the crèche until the end of the school year and move up in September. However, we ensure that when they turn two, they are able to mix with the older children at certain times of day (such as after 4:30).

From “Toute Petite Section” to “Moyenne Section”

The children in the bigger two classrooms are in mixed age groups. Mixed age groups are ideal for the early years. The younger children are inspired by the older children, and the older children learn leadership skills and cement their learning by showing the younger children what to do.
We organise the children’s learning activities in small groups, so the children will always be given age-appropriate opportunities for development.

  • Younger group: Toute Petite Section & (younger) Petite Section children
  • Older group: (older) Petite Section & Moyenne Section children

The exact division within the Petite Section (an age group which encompasses children aged from 2 years & 8 months to 3 years & 7 months at the beginning of the academic year in September) will depend on the number of children we have in the school. We are able to calculate this once we know how many children are leaving for primary school and the ages of the new children joining us.

Parents can help us by giving us an early indication of when they think they will leave and then confirming it once they have accepted a place in their next school.